Water Damage Restoration

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The single most important thing you need to know about water damage

When your home or business has been hit with overflowing water, floods or water damage, and you have wet carpets, wood floors, or other items, the longer you wait the greater the damage.  Immediate intervention minimizes damage and significantly reduces restoration expenses.

Our comprehensive water damage restoration services includes:

Water Damage Repair & Restoration From Start to Finish

Water Damage Repair & Restoration
Frequently Asked Questions

To fully dry-out water damage depends on several factors including the area where water damage occurred, level of water exposure, and the industrial de-humidifiers used.

To minimize disruption to your life and save time, we use the latest in de-humidifier equipment.

Untreated water damage can ruin drywall, wood, carpet, floor, roof and what’s worse is that an environment is created that is friendly to mold and other bacteria.

Water damage quickly leads to structural damage to your home and business.  If allowed to persist, the presence of mold and bacteria may lead to health-related issues.

Grab a bucket and contain any drips

Move or cover any furniture, rug, or carpeting

Grab a towel and soak up as much water as possible

If water is collecting in ceiling, make a small hole and catch the water in bucket

If water persists locate water main and turn off

Grab your cell phone and call (714) 929~8319 ASAP!


The presence of water that is not intended or controlled will eventually lead to an emergency.  Water damages carpet, drywall, lumber and rugs.  If water is present in an poorly ventilated area mold will grow.

Before a leak leads to a flood, then water damage which will result in structural damage and maybe health issues, call us at (714) 929~8319 ASAP!

Here is what we do from start to finish:

  • Provide you with a written estimate & visual inspection
  • Begin the process of water extraction & removal
  • Place high tech fans and dehumidifiers around your home to remove any extra moisture
  • Spray anti-microbial in areas that mold might grow
  • Remove all wet and saturated materials
  • Reconstruct your home to pre-loss condition

Our comprehensive water damage restoration services include:

  • Goods and furniture cleaning
  • Property damage restoration
  • Flood and water damage cleanup
  • Help you file an insurance claim to get your loss covered with no expense to you

These are visible signs that water damage is present:

  • Dark or Wet Spots
  • Cracking, Bubbling, or Flaking
  • Pooling Water or Puddles
  • Sounds of Running Water
  • Increase in Utility Bills
  • Damp, Musty, or Moldy Smell

In most instances the answer Yes, Water Damage Restoration is covered by homeowners’ insurance, however it is wise to have a copy of your policy handy and contact your insurance company as most as eager to help.