Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Quick Tips:

  1. Never use canned goods or products that were near a smoke or fire damaged areas.
  2. Never turn on appliances near the area as the appliances could be wet or damaged.
  3. When washing clothes and garments always make sure they are sent to a professional who knows that they have been in a fire or smoke situation. The smoke odor could remain permanent if not washed properly.
  4. Before washing any cabinets or walls, please speak with a professional such as Sky Blue Restoration.
  5. If your electricity is turned off for a regular period of time, please remember to throw away all items in your freezer and refrigerator.
  6. Be very careful where you step, you don’t know what was effected and how sturdy each part of your home is presently.

24/7/365 Fire, Smoke, Soot Damage Restoration . . . We Even Handle the Insurance Paperwork for You!

As household disasters go, a fire can be infinitely damaging to any home owner, leaving behind destruction in its wake and the serious threat of long-term damage to any house unfortunate enough to have fallen victim to it.

In most cases, you will need the assistance of a fire damage restoration service provider to reverse the effects brought about by a house fire. Sky Blue Restorations is the answer to all your needs, providing all-around quality restoration services to return your home or workplace back to the way it was.

Sky Blue Restorations works in the following way

  • After the team arrives at the scene, they analyze the type of materials that have been affected by the merciless fire. This will determine the smoke and soot effects
  • Effects of setting off the fire. Using the latest equipment, gases, liquids and other means the fire is put off so that a better estimate of the venue can be done. This step is done without the use of water as water and fire are arch rivals and cause more damage to the scene.
  • Time duration of fixing the aftermath. The more time delay there is the more smoke smell stays and soot becomes more stubborn.

Now, after noting down all the issues, the team starts a thorough check to rectify the situation. This involves carefully accessing the scene at hand. Moreover, the restoration cannot start from just any point. Each step taken needs to be well thought off. First fire, then smoke and finally the soot must be extinguished and eliminated such that there is minimal damage and loss of originality.

Call now for a fast response time to your house or business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Structural & Contents Cleaning Services

As a complete fire damage restoration company, we offer Contents Pack-Out, Storage and Cleaning services. Sky Blue Restorations has developed a sophisticated process in which we carefully recover and transport your residential or commercial contents damaged by smoke, fire, water and mold. At our facility, we salvage, clean, repair and restore your contents. When your restoration and reconstruction job is complete, we will deliver your restored contents back to your property.